Research, Development and Innovation

FUNIBER participa como socio en el proyecto.


FUNIBER promotes and carries forward an open and continuous innovation for their team of professionals, which is tied to a constant interdisciplinary research in any of their knowledge areas or work environment as well as a constant development of solutions that encourage innovation in companies. This enables FUNIBER to:

  • Be proactive in management, administration and the creation of research, development and innovation projects by way of an active participation in gatherings and cooperation networks.
  • Create projects for research, development and innovation using the network of collaborators, experts, doctors and a network of corporate agreements.
  • Participate in different projects such as Iberoeka, Eureka, Avanza, BID, BM, AECID and others of the European Nation related to technology and training in other areas of knowledge.
  • Innovate on their internal management processes to give more value to their solutions.

FUNIBER is committed to innovation by promoting and facilitating the concept amongst its professionals. Innovation is tied directly to interdisciplinary research in all areas of knowledge and specialized work, as well as to development in the search for business solutions that facilitate and disseminate innovative ideas. This commitment allows for:

  • FUNIBER to be proactive in management, leadership and development of RDI Projects through active participation in competitive bids, contests and cooperative networks.
  • FUNIBER to develop RDI Projects in collaboration with its international network of collaborators, experts, and academics, as well as through corporative agreements worldwide.
  • FUNIBER to participate in projects such as IBEROEKA, EUREKA, AVANZA, BID, BM, AECID and others that depend on the European Commission having to do with technology and professional development in its training programs.
  • FUNIBER to innovate in its own internal managerial systems in order to instill value in the solutions that it offers.


FUNIBER is oriented towards identifying and developing solutions by instilling values based on:

  • Technological Innovation
  • Innovation of Processes
  • Educational Innovation
  • Innovation in Internet Business Models.