Opinions FUNIBER

Dave Adkins

“I found the experience in the program challenging, interesting and unique. It was a great experience to share the “virtual classroom” with students from different parts of the world. For example, I studied in a chat group with a tutor from Spain and students from Chile, Argentina and Mexico. Most of the classmates in the virtual platform were native Spanish speakers and also working teachers, so it allowed me to exchange experiences with people that do the same activity in different scenarios.”

Verónica Amador

Verónica Amador

Doctorate in Education

Puerto Rico

“Forums and tutorials that are part of FUNIBER’s online training allow to solve doubts even without asking. Communications with teachers are answered very fast. There is no pressure for the study schedule, neither with the exams. In addition, teachers are not only educators, but also collaborates with the learning. They are like a spread family, polite and sensitive.”.

Andrés Salazar

"What I liked the most was the amount of bibliographic information that there is in the platform and the case studies, which we can see a lot of them daily in our field."


"In my opinion, thanks to what FUNIBER offers, and its teaching method and how they manage everything, I can say that, in a way, like in observing, thinking and reasoning, I am a completely different person."