What is FUNIBER?

FUNIBER is an international institution for educational, cultural, and technical cooperation, essentially focused on the field of higher education, which develops its mission in favor of the societies of many countries of different cultures and civilizations.

It is based mainly in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking nations —the Multinational space of Iberophony— and promotes academic, scientific, cultural, and research activities, as well as integral cooperation, social development, and economic growth projects.


Main objectives

Its main objectives are university higher education and lifelong learning in order to contribute to the knowledge and development of the different economic sectors for the progress and benefit of citizens.

The main lines of action include the creation of inter-university programs (Bachelor's, Postgraduate, Master's, and Doctorate degrees), the design and management of international cooperation activities and projects, and the development of customized training and knowledge management studies and solutions for companies and institutions.

International University Network

FUNIBER has a wide University Network in several continents and close links with professional institutions in different fields of activity. It seeks to provide a universal and global education that also values local identities by focusing on the real needs of societies.

Social commitment, grants, and scholarships

FUNIBER adapts its training programs to the socio-economic reality of countries and people, facilitating access to higher education for the less favored social sectors. To this end, the Iberoamerican University Foundation articulates wide-ranging scholarship and aid programs.

Scope of Iberophony: The Spanish and Portuguese language area

FUNIBER is the first university platform with a pan-Iberian vocation and scope of action in the multinational space of the entire Iberophony, which is composed of the generality of Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries, a group of almost 900 million people and thirty nations from all continents: the first geolinguistic block in the world. The Iberoamerican University Foundation encourages institutional relations with the most representative organizations of the Iberophony Space.