International Entrepreneurs and Investors Network


The Fundación Innovación y Desarroollo (FIDBAN), sponsored by FUNIBER and other institutions, is a non-profit organization which is seeking to link profitable entrepreneurial projects that are in need of financing with possible capital investors. FIDBAN, with headquarters in Santander (Cantabria, Spain) is an International Network made up by Investors Clubs in 30 countries from Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

Its objective is to promote new Investors Clubs in local, national and international terms integrated by business angels, family offices, venture capitalists and corporate investors. The plan is to generate business opportunities in more than 30 countries, as well as to promote networking among investors at an international level.

FIDBAN will hold International Investment Forums in which potentially profitable business proposals will be introduced. These meetings will ease entrepreneurs in each country the opportunity to introduce their projects to a wide circle of domestic and foreign investors.

FIDBAN also makes available to entrepreneurs a digital platform that seeks to include business proposals, analyzed by experts as well as to identify the most attractive ones to potential investors.

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