International Cooperation Projects

Continuous training plan for trainers and teachers from Guatemala (Guatemala)
Continuous training plan for trainers and teachers from Guatemala (Guatemala)
Forecast system with some algorithms optimized for the SME (PROGNOS) (Ecuador)
Forecast system with some algorithms optimized for the SME (PROGNOS) (Ecuador)
Intelligent System for the Computer Vulnerabilities Management (SIGVI) - Ecuador
Intelligent System for the Computer Vulnerabilities Management (SIGVI) - Ecuador


Thanks to its extensive and varied international and global experience in education, training and their knowledge of the countries where they operate, The Ibero-American University Foundation (FUNIBER) has been continuously involved in the transfer of knowledge, technology and human and social capital since the year 2002 through two different types of projects: (I) projects in design, management and execution of cooperation and economic development, and (II) projects for the training of agents involved in cooperation and economic development projects, addressing the need to collaborate and cooperate in complex processes such as:

  • The reduction of malnutrition as a base for the dignified development of society by looking for project initiatives that improve living conditions in a sustainable way.
  • The increase of the effective capacity of communities for generating projects of high interest to international bodies in order to support viable projects (such as technical consulting) from an international aid point of view.
  • The increase of democracy as a base for equality and justice through the training of sensitive and responsible community development agents, social participation and local , development that respects humans, environment and good government.


FUNIBER develops projects based on 5 pillars and two lines of work.

  • Individuals with their own identity and also as part of a society that they embrace and, that embraces them in the search and desire for human development.
  •  Equality and non-discrimination in diverse aspects with a special emphasis on civilian participation, socioeconomic origins, culture, gender, education, language and/or race.
  •  Diversity as an infinite source of wealth and social and personal growth, thereby constructing a base for the innovation, development, and improvement of networks, infrastructures and cognitive, social, economic and productive systems.
  •  Dignity of the participants, respecting national and local identities, ensuring participation, cooperation and collaboration and respecting the society and the environment with activities and sustainable results.
  • Respect for local, national, regional and international legislation, norms, traditions and social processes.

Line of work

  • Geographical. Capitalizing on FUNIBER’s university and institutional networks relationships are established and developed for the purpose of creating bonds of peace and solidarity between peoples and nations. This enables the achievement of various projects: articulation of professional cooperative network building solidarity within communities and/or dissemination of knowledge, good practices and/or learning.
  • Sectorial. Making efficient use of the infrastructure of the FUNIBER network, highly useful knowledge with immediate impact in specific sectors is generated. This enables the carrying out of projects such as: business development, technological projects for the improvement and support of professionals in developing countries, training of experts in cooperation projects, city technician training projects and/or projects for the improvement of skills in specific areas