FUNIBER boosts the agricultural sector from Peru

The Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER) together with IGNITE, the Sabadell town hall, the Rimac Municipality, the Instituto Tecnológico de la Producción (ITP) and CITEalimenta participate in the project called “Boosting the agricultural sector in Peru basing on innovation and inclusion”, financed by the Barcelona Council.

The project’s objective is to develop activities and services to support innovation for the SMEs belonging to the country’s agricultural sector, creating the foundations for an active and sustainable structure in the Peruvian territory, linked to private agents and institutions in Barcelona.

Bearing in mind the scarcity of added value products in the Peruvian agricultural sector, and in line with the National Plan for the Production Diversification (PNDP, fir the acronym in Spanish) approved in 2014, the project aims to stimulate the productive framework developing actions aligned with the Peruvian institutions and including the local communities.

Institutions taking part in the project are in charge of:

FUNIBERcoordinates the project and executes the main activities, that are raising awareness and providing training.

The Sabadell town hallallows to establish and boost the commercial and institutional relationships between the implied territories.

The Rimac Municipality promotes the deployment of the project in its area, taking into account the existing businesses in the area that suffer the problems raised in the project.

The ITP-Ministerio de la Producción is the referral body in the country to boost the business fabric’s growth.

IGNITE is focused on the innovation policies, adequately managing the project’s deployment and configuring the organizational and functional model that is to be implemented in Peru.

CITEalimenta acts as a local coordinator in Peru, progressively taking charge of the project’s at its very end, since its main work is to support the agricultural business fabric and spread the experience to other regions.