Promotion of the Experiences of Teaching Innovation Supported by Information and Communication Technologies (classroom-based), Universidad Mayor San Simón de Cochabamba (Bolivia)


This project was aimed to equip, internalize and strengthen teaching skills of university teachers in the training of New Technologies in the classroom and in the use of New Technologies in educational processes. The participants were university teachers selected by the Universidad Mayor de San Simon of Cochabamba (Bolivia) in order to enrich their own human capital and strengthen the training of the university students, through a Plan of University Teacher Training in the use of Information Technologies.

People belonging to educational institutions outside the university also participated in order to enhance the added value of the training.

The capabilities are geared to improve the use of New Technologies in the educational field and applications in order for the student to be qualified in the information and communication technology management applied to the learning processes in such a way that they provide a viable and sustainable future support to teachers, students, and any person who is in a process of training, in addition, the digital gap is reduced.

The project in Bolivia made it possible to form a body of teachers trained in the use of new technologies in the classroom which helps to enrich the university teaching. By enhancing teaching, the professionals training is enhanced, and they will end up with a proper training on the new global requirements and market.

FUNIBER provided support in training activities in the city of Cochabamba (Bolivia) in terms of:

(i) experience in training and instructional adequacy to the dynamics of the country;

(ii) teaching in engineering projects and new technologies; and,

(iii) advice on training project management.

The project was carried out with the cooperation funds assigned to the Universidad Mayor de San Simon through a project funded by the World Bank through the IDA Credit Agreement 3096-B0.