Intelligent System for the Computer Vulnerabilities Management (SIGVI) - Ecuador

This project’s objective is to propitiate the construction of the computer application SIGVI, a software developed within FUNIBER’s commitment to free software. SIGVI eases the management of vulnerability alerts so that organizations have time to act and correct the vulnerabilities before the potential risk of their appearance turns into a real threat or a disaster.

SIGVI is useful for the thousands of organizations that must overcome hundreds of vulnerabilities and do not count with a trustworthy, certain and constant mechanism for reception, processing, differentiation and execution of the received alerts. With SIGVI, an organization can process the alerts with efficiency and efficacy as well as to rapidly plan, generate and execute a solution that avoids the possible vulnerability. SIGVI uses a database that allows, on the one hand, to have a great information resource of diverse alert systems grouping other alert systems and, on the other hand, the automatized vulnerability system management and information search in the database and in a one that is external transfer experience and know-how that accumulates in the own system. Concretely, SIGVI allow to execute different functions such as:

  • Periodically obtaining the new threats and the diverse alert sources to determine if they affect an organization’s own environment.
  • Search for vulnerabilities thanks to a database with more than 48,000 records creates with the information that is downloaded from the sources themselves.
  • Check if some of the organization’s server is at risk, and in case it is, send an alert to the Administrator and create and alert to follow it up.

SIGVI is an adequate tool for young organizations, SMEs, businesses with little experience in managing software risks and companies which look for a safe organizational growth when they operate with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The security increase SIGVI provides generates high internal economies, an increase in the security of business operations and constitute a great help for organizations to develop and grow with security. Of course, it is originally very useful for Data Processing Centers.

The use of SIGVI in companies from Ecuador and from many developing countries, especially micro businesses and/or SMEs will be a trustworthy assurance in their operations due to two reasons: it will cut down costs of investing in human and/or technological infrastructures of alerts and risks management and it will increase the business value because it would give them a safe space which was not foreseen before. SIGVIE, due to the experience and know-how i t accumulates in its own management system and database, essentially transfers knowledge continuously as well as technology to businesses whose size or turnover does not make it possible for them to buy it. With this, SIGVI transforms into an organizational management tool that narrows the digital gap from many companies who need reliable automation levels to compete in a country like Ecuador, which is broadening its horizon. With this last factor, SIGVI is a tool for growth and economic development for Ecuador, giving confidence and security to its micro enterprises and SMEs.

SIGVI is co-developed by FUNDACIÓN UPCNet and Stelsior S.A. (Both from Spanish) and thanks to the capital provided by Iberoeka. FUNIBER supports this project with its knowledge about the country and eases the creation of a business network that helps disseminate the project results. FUNIBER also proves technological intellectual capital to this technological project consisting of the development of small businesses.