Training Experts on Cooperation Projects Managament and Creation in Guatemala city (Guatemala)

This project’s aim was to train professors from the Universidad San Carlos linked to the development cooperation. The project achieved 2 goals:

  • 15 experts in Cooperation Projects Creation were trained to create and manage projects within a global and communication environment and,
  • 3 direct implementation projects were created at the Universidad San Carlos, which had an immediate impact on both the community and the environment. The projects were:
    • Ecotourism project for the Hawai, Monre Rico, Escuintla, Guatemala community.
    • Awareness campaign for the physically handicapped access to the Universidad San Carlos.
    • Teachers training program. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics.

With this project, the following was achieved:

  1. Creating an experts network in Guatemala City, professionals with new and improved abilities on Cooperation Projects Management and Creation, which allow to collaborate with the appraisal, design, planning, coordination, execution and follow-up of international aids materialized as sustainable cooperation projects with a tremendous usefulness for Guatemala, experts who, at the same time, will train other experts all around Guatemala.
  2. Generating useful project ideas with a systemic an integral analytical perspective of the country that allows to make up a work group which serves to fund a “Project Observatory”.
  3. Providing a training infrastructure (trainers and contents) to train professionals and teach cooperation projects creation in and for Guatemala.

The project in Guatemala allow to count, on a short-term on an important group of experts in formulating international cooperation projects trained to deal with a solid knowledge and with proven tools and applied the tasks of design and creation of a cooperation project. There were also projects created by the participants themselves. These professionals and their projects help in every way the economic growth and development by making the cooperation proposals more solid and robust for the beneficiary community and for donor and cooperation agents.

FUNIBER participated at the local level in (Guatemala) with various actions to support the project manager (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) in terms of:

(i) advise in knowledge and technology, and social capital in the creation, design, management, implementation and closure of the project;

(ii) the country's knowledge and expertise in online training and online studies;

(iii) face-to-face teaching in designing development projects and economic growth of the city and its surroundings; and,

(iv) virtual spaces of cooperative and collaborative work in order to facilitate the construction of a community of practice oriented to the Network of cooperation projects.

The project was carried out with grant from the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation (ACCD, Catalonia, Spain).