From the Subsistence Economy to the Productive Economy (Nicaragua, 2013)

FUNIBER has made technical contributions in the project “From the Subsistence Economy to the Productive Economy” led by the NGO Desos Opción Solidaria. The project is framed within the action program of Nicaragua, whose objective is the economic strengthening and social cohesion, as well as the improvement of life conditions of the inhabitants of the rural communities from Kukra River (in Bluefileds), Nicaraguan municipality based on the subsistence agriculture.

The action contributes to enhance and improve the life conditions of people from rural communities that are highly impoverished and isolated from the rest of the country, through the implementation of diversified systems with the participation of men and women in gender equity. This facilitates a variety of products such as vegetables, to improve the diet of families, perennial crops (cocoa) associated to annual crops (bananas), short-cycle crops, such as basic grains (rice, beans and corn), Silvopastoral systems and reforestation.

In this way, it is established a comprehensive and sustainable system at short-, medium- and long-term, environmentally friendly, by improving the social-economic conditions of the farmers and by creating a main change in the production system in all the areas in which the project impacts as technical, methodological and administrative tools that enable to order the land use and management.