Forecast system with some algorithms optimized for the SME (PROGNOS) (Ecuador)

This project’s objective is to propitiate the construction of the computer application PROGNOS, a software developed within FUNIBER’s commitment to free software. PROGNOS is an online environment that provides ease and analysis resources to plan (forecast and projection) of the SMEs demands.

The project’s goal is to develop the computer programming of the complex algorithms and mathematical calculations used to plan the demand, using the following modules:

  • Automatic calculation module to use the most adequate and powerful technique;
  • Mid-term calculation module to integrate variables in conducting mid-term forecasts;
  • Weekly series module to calculate weekly forecasts;
  • Atypical values detection module to automatize the identification of atypical values in temporary series;
  • Special actions module to quantify special actions in temporary series;
  • Substitutive products series to obtain forecasts without historic data;
  • System evaluation module to obtain the quality indexes in the sales forecast system.