• The Fundacion Universitaria Iberoamericana (Ibero-American University Foundation - FUNIBER) has its origins in experiences and university developments in the area of cooperation and development carried out within the framework of UNHWIN-UNESCO Chairs and Networks and European Community Programs.
  • FUNIBER is guided by the conclusions present in the World Declaration on Higher Education in the XXI Century: Vision and Action (UNESCO, Paris, 1998); a proclamation in which the need for a multicultural education based on quality, pertinence and solidarity in cooperation through college networks.
  • In the Declaration there is a principal rule followed by FUNIBER: "Life long education". This includes the idea that every individual may be educated in the place where he or she lives and works, wherever that may be.
  • Modern communication systems now make possible, among other things, on line education. This allows universities to complement their programs by granting students access to all degree programs accredited through a university at the highest academic level. The way to overcome barriers is through the building of University Networks.