Social and Cultural Work / Award Program

Cultural Work

Looking to increase and to make possible a rich exchange between people and share experiences, the Foundation organizes free seminars, conference cycles, and art expositions, among others, to diffuse scientific and technological advances and promote activities that show culture and society in the iberoamerican boundary.

Social Work

Looking to reach all of society, the Foundation works with social foundations, non government organizations, agencies of cooperation, government development offices, and any organization or activity dedicated to support the development of the people that can’t access a massive formation, by organizing events and courses that help start this development in cultural activities, awards or help to the community.

Award Program

Looking to reach a greater quantity of persons in a democratic way and without exclusion, the Foundation has created a fund to grant awards in two programs: Award Program, in order to guarantee access to good quality education for a greater number of persons; and Excellence Award Program, granted to institutions of organizations that for its impact in the economic, cultural and social growth and development of the countries, want to empower its human resources, giving its members possibilities of study that help improve their work.