FUNIBER participates in a relevant European project of financial education

FUNIBER represents Spain in the SUCCEED program (Stimulate Financial Education to Foster Entrepreneurship and Development), which has been launched along with other companies and institutions from the European Union

On October 19th and 20th, the SUCCEED financial education program was officially presented. In addition to its participation as an active member of the program, FUNIBER also acts representing Spain. Leaded by the Belgium Coopération Bancaire pour l’Europe and the Italian Chamber of Luxembourg, it also counts on other institutions’ support from Italy, Belgium, Slovenia and Romania.

The SUCCEED project’s objective is to promote financial education among young Europeans (18 to 30 years old) to boost their entrepreneurial spirit and improve their professional development. Moreover, the project seeks that young Europeans know the operation of the banking operations and master the foundations of financial management, which are more than necessary when starting and managing a company.

Taking into account the current context as well as the background on this subject, after a thoughtful analysis of needs, SUCCEED will design and develop training tools to teachers in order for them to achieve a final and efficient financial literacy. It is in this regard that FUNIBER, due to its experience and educational resources, is responsible for leading the content and methodology’s creation for this important European project.

On the other hand, FUNIBER has also been engaged and has participated in other programs belonging to the European Union such as DAISS2 (Diagnostics for Enterprise Soft Skills Project), whose aim was to support the skills’ development in the labor market.