Diagnostics for Enterprise Soft Skills (DAISS 2) (European Union)

The Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER) participates in the project “Diagnostics for Enterprise Soft Skills (DAISS 2)”, financed by the Leonardo Da Vinci Program (Lifelong Learning Programme) of the European Union.

The project is leaded by Apricot Training Management (United Kingdom) in which eight other partners participate, apart from FUNIBER. Those are: IWG (Bulgaria), IPA SA (Romania), Synthesis (Cyprus), ASEV (Italy), FORSAS (Italy), HRDC (Greece), SIC (Lithuania), SPI (Portugal).

This project’s goal is to improve employability of unemployed adults thanks to the transfer of diagnostics to evaluate and develop social abilities for the business as well as for entrepreneurship. It provides an opportunity to use the business potential of the well-experienced employees by developing their trust and abilities; in order to achieve their goals, in a self-employment context and also in the creation of new enterprises in Europe.

The project will last for two years (2013-2015).