Serious Social Games (España, 2011 - 2013)

Project reference TSI-090100-2011-92

FUNIBER takes part in the project SERIOUS SOCIAL GAMES co-finance by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, within the National R&D&I Plan 2008-2011, including the Ministry’s emblem and the Avanza 2 Plan.
The project is focused on and consists of the technological development for platforms and digital content production on education based on games and social competitive dynamics.
The general project’s objective is to generate knowledge and develop technologies in the publishing systems field of educational audiovisual contents to industrialize the creation and distribution of innovative formats of “Serious Social Games”, that contribute to the program with a digital social learning model customized with competitive group dynamics and via social media.
The project’s end is to generate knowledge that allows to produce technology whose use and practice allows the development of competencies for the eco-professional or sustainable citizen. It is about creating technologies that combine knowledge and technology that is specific to the educational publishing industry, to the video games and social media, to have them available and use them in a professional educational environment.
The project’s vision is to make available for enterprises and the participating research center services and products that improve the learning, awareness and motivation processes for people thanks to the training formats on which they are based

The project’s specific objectives are:

  • Train professionals and citizens efficiently.
  • Develop competencies and knowledge linked to the environment and the sustainability of territories. Establish a digital model to generate products that train in competencies.
  • Conduct tutoring sessions thanks to intelligent agents.



Co-financed by: Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism