Development of a 100% bioavailable milk (Peru)

FUNIBER, through CITEalimenta, participates in a project to elaborate a 100% bioavailable milk, in Peru, with an antioxidant and nutraceutic activity, made up of quinoa (chenopodium quinoa) originating from Santo Tomas, Cusco.

The main objective is to elaborate a milk made up of powdered quinoa, highly nutritional and with functional properties and with a high bioavailability and to do so from organic quinoa using an enzymatic hydrolysis (malting) and nutrients microencapsulation.

With this project, the aim is that the product has characteristics such as: a greater bioavailability of nutrients, low glycemic index and a sensory attribute with a good acceptance among consumers. Hence, the product obtained would have a great value in the market, it would be exportable and competitive, it would increase the value of a local product such as quinoa is in Peru. Furthermore, thanks to its results, we may give the consumer a new approach regarding the personal nutrition, provide the consumer with a new alternative to combat malnutrition and boost the sustainable development through good practices in manufacturing and with the inclusion of the farmers’ associations.

CITEalimenta, technological center created by FUNIBER and the Universidad Científica del Sur (UCSUR) is in charge of selecting the best quinoa variety, elaborates the microencapsulated quinoa milk, validates its functionality and the acceptance of the final product.

The project also counts on the collaboration of Central Agroandina del Perú. Likewise, the project is sponsored by the Programa Nacional de Innovación (PNIA) of the Ministry of Agriculture of Peru, the World Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank.

The project is developed throughout 2016-2019.