Enhance Skills in StartUps for waste in Circular Economy (ESSENCE) (European Union)

The Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER) participates in the project Enhance Skills in StartUps for waste in Circular Economy" (ESSENCE), with the financing of the Erasmus+ program (program Strategic Partnerships) of the European Union.

The project is leaded by the Danish-Italian Chamber of Commerce (Denmark) and four more partners participate in it, apart from FUNIBER. Such partners are: Cooperation Bancaire pour l'Europe (Belgium), FVB/The Hive (Italy), la National Technical University of Athens (Greece) and the Aarhus University (Denmark).

The project’s main goal is to provide future entrepreneur trainers with the skills and knowledge needed to improve the following competencies:

  • Business abilities to search for opportunities in circular economy processes, focused on the recovery of waste.
  • Management skills to cope with the adaptation and changes resulting from the transition from a classic economic model to a sustainable integrated system.
  • Basic skills, such as the ability to learn and innovate.

Additionally, the project has another end, which is to provide the legislative bodies with support material to broaden their knowledge hoping to boost a paradigm change towards a more sustainable market.

The audience of this project is wide, but mainly professionals from business incubators and business accelerators, sustainable businesses, universities and research centers. The project results will be useful to improve the professional life of entrepreneurs’ trainers and new businesses as well as for entrepreneurs themselves.

The project will last for two years (2017-2019).

Project partners: