Improvement of the current pilot software NutrIber (Barcelona, Spain, 2007-2008)

The project consisted of introducing innovative improvements to the pilot software NutrIber. The project’s result about the NutrIber pilot consisted of getting a higher operational stability needed and to do so basing on the conducted and required improvements, all of them related to the Nutritional Attention, improvement and extension of the detailed calculus of the nutritional Detection Needs and its Definition of Solutions basing on improvements to the interface and calculations.
The project allowed that:

  • The improvements enabled a better usability and accuracy in the nutritional process;
  • The aggregated improvements allow a nutrition specialist opt several control methods for patients, in accordance with the accuracy that is deemed as appropriate.
  • The better use of the pilot allowed a more customized controlling of patients, their diets and their nutritional needs;
  • The pilot proved to be better robustness in the execution of the automatized processes in the improvement of the data access;
  • The innovative character was observed in new applications or uses linked to the adaptation of diets in migratory processes or general mobility of people, diets control in cases of obesity, etc.; and,
  • A great potential in supporting people’s development was achieved, observing a better follow-up of diets and quality of the information that was processed and deployed.

The project was funded by the CIDEM, in line with the aids to subcontract research, development and innovation activities. The project was leaded by IDPISA and co-developed with FUNIBER. FUNIBER contributed to the project with human capital by means of conducting the co-development, tests, dissemination and advertisement of the pilot.