ERGOCITICAN: Creation of an ergogenic laboratory for the development of innovative nutritional supplements (Spain)

FUNIBER, through the Center for Research and Industrial Technology of Cantabria (CITICAN) participates in the creation of an ergogenic laboratory to develop innovative nutritional supplements that increase the food sector’s from Cantabria (Spain) competitiveness.

The project’s goal is to widen the capacity of the CITICAN’s research unit, by hiring researchers and buying scientific equipment as to equip a laboratory with ergogenics.

With this project, the CITICAN will have a laboratory that will make it possible to detect, quantify, verify and design nutritional supplements with an ergogenic capacity, as well as their posterior study in individuals coming from diverse population segments, in which improvement of their sports performance, injury prevention and health status would be evaluated. Likewise, including such ergogenic products to these individuals’ diet, joining the follow-up of a physical maintenance/conditioning protocol that would be perfectly designed, would allow a decrease in chronic illnesses and lesions and would even improve the sports performance for the sector’s professionals.

The scientific-technological support that ERGOCITICAN will offer to the food sector from Cantabria (Spain) will open up the opportunity to sell a series of innovative products dully developed, testes and contrasted.

CITICAN is a technological center created by FUNIBER and the European University of the Atlantic (UNEATLANTICO).

The project is developed throughout 2014-2016.