Ibero-American University Foundation (FUNIBER)

The Ibero-American University Foundation (FUNIBER) uses as its framework the two worlds of university and training. FUNIBER offers in-class and online courses to individuals or companies.

FUNIBER’s purpose is to disseminate and share European and Ibero-American knowledge. Since its creation in 1997 in Barcelona, Spain, FUNIBER has continued to grow creating an academic and professional network that is present in more thatn 30 countries (see headquarters). More than 60 European, U.S. and Latin American universities, enterprises and organizations are part of this network (see sponsors and partners). They provide experience and knowledge for the sole purpose of providing equal opportunities for first-rate international education by incorporating the individual and corporative advantages that each country offers.

FUNIBER is a scientific and research academic institution that links professional universities and institutions in order to offer a Global Education while at the same time respecting local identities. FUNIBER’s three fundamental premises are:  

  • To promote the creation of inter-university programmes (programmes between universities). FUNIBER promotes programmes that permit access to dual academic degrees. The studies are for Masters, but there are post-degree programmes integrated among them. Diplomas, Specializations, and Extension Courses, among others, that are of a shorter duration are offered. A more extensive classroom-based Doctorate Degree is also available.
  • To support the development and activities of International Cooperation Projects. FUNIBER promotes cooperation and economic development, which is why it works in the field of training and participates in cooperation and development activities with a range of institutions who work on projects in development and/or international cooperation.
  • Solutions to customized education and knowledge management for businesses and institutions. FUNIBER develops and works with businesses, corporations, and business groups in a consulting role oriented towards the generation of customized educational programs. Also, FUNIBER provides consultations in knowledge management processes, contributing to innovations and solutions from strategic-knowledge management models to systems based on TICs of Knowledge Corporative Portals.