Opinions Funiber

"What I liked the most was the amount of bibliographic information that there is in the platform and the case studies, which we can see a lot of them daily in our field."

"In my opinion, thanks to what FUNIBER offers, and its teaching method and how they manage everything, I can say that, in a way, like in observing, thinking and reasoning, I am a completely different person."

"The most outstanding points of this Master’s degree is the program organization: by modules, very accessible language, very deep in structural topics and enjoyable in its development. In addition, we are able to keep learning about the topics that we like most or those we had doubts. On the other hand, the study program is up-to-date and tries to include current topics, in order to follow new tendencies, which are in constant change in the technology field."

"What I liked the most in this Master’s degree is its comprehensive nature, since it allows to specialize in the area of international audits, but it also gives us a comprehensive training in asset and people management, quality audits, finances and international countability."

"I liked that the program is prepared to be taught online.” The used material is very clear and complete, the tasks submission dates are very clear and the offered calendars helps the student to organize the tasks, since studying an online master’s degree requires a lot of dedication. In addition, the forums allow to meet other students virtually, with whom we must do works."

"This Master’s degree has complemented my technical formation with knowledge, abilities and competences that are required in order to manage in an optimal way in each one of the areas of the projects I work in.

Silvia Marcela Hernández

Master’s degree in Diet and Nutrition


"It allowed me to bring complementary contributions into my profession, and approach the patients with a different and enriched vision. In addition, in my daily work, I have the possibility to apply all the acquired knowledge."

Iris Maria de Souza Carvalho

Doctorate in Education


"The advantage of the online learning is to be connected, not only with the local reality, but also to keep a connection with students from all around the world. It is possible because the forum, through this tool we can meet different realities - which really are similar, although each country has its culture. This is not always possible in a classroom-based university."

Edinei Alves

Master in Education


"Being a student in FUNIBER is a great satisfaction. Being part of FUNIBER is like being part of a new family. You can meet other groups, classmates, friends. I have friends from Paraná, Bahia, Rio Grande do Sul. It facilitates our learning and it has been gratifying."

I have assimilated the master’s knowledge by applying it in my professional performance, so I share with my collaborators other ways to successfully complete projects

Ana del Rosario Contreras

International Master in Auditing and Business Management

El Salvador

I use the knowledge of each subject in my current professional life, I am already applying some e-commerce knowledge, specifically the ‘ERPs’, and also knowledge about quality, audits, logistics, ethics

Andrés Alberto Alvarado

Master in Strategic Management


For me, It is very rewarding to acquire a great amount of knowledge that I could apply to the Health Institution I am working in. Thanks to it, I keep my aspirations of contributing to the change and improvement of the public health system of my country.

Aracelis Paulina Quezada

Master in Education

Dominican Republic

For me, study with FUNBER is something wonderful, incredible; I compare it to how I studied before and how it is to study with the Virtual Campus and I wish I could study elementary and secondary school this way. What I like most is the training of the facilitators.

Beatriz Elizondo León

Master in Gerontology

Costa Rica

FUNIBER not only provides quality training and education, but also real opportunities. I feel proud to belong to this big family and very satisfied with the quality of the courses I have studied. I can certainly recommend this experience and I am also vastly grateful.

Cristian Pablo Lamberti

Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language


During my studies in FUNIBER I understood that there is not only one teaching method, there is a wide range of situations that cannot be ignored. Since the beginning of the master, I understood that the communicative approach is the most efficient and attractive way to teach, such is the vision that inspires this master.

The learning platform is very pleasant, readily available, and a pedagogical approach that allows the good progress of each subject. In addition, the teaching staff is very competent and thoughtful when clarifying any of our concerns. And also the print materials, they arrived at my door and helped me consolidate the acquired knowledge.

I am very grateful for the opportunity that FUNIBER gave us to continue our studies. Advances in new technologies, communication technologies as well as Internet, allow organizations like FUNIBER to use these technologies in a trustworthy and safe way. This trust is perceived by the students, and it increases when the student access the Virtual Campus of FUNIBER.

Jesús Marcel Mora

Doctorate in Projects


Shared experiences, plurality, multidisciplinarity and the different points of view to face a specific situtation give to the program a distinctive added value that every professional or student must experience. It was useful for me not only to grow and progress during the program, but also to apply it in my environment and with my students, who welcomed it.

Thanks to FUNIBER, my formation life is easier: I can better plan my time, by trying to complete a subject every month; the system also allows me to progress faster, if I invest more time, I can complete more than a subject per month. I am also saving the transportations costs. I can help my 12 year son with his homework and lap-holding my 4 year daughter while studying the chapters.

FUNIBER offered me several advantages compared to other traditional education systems: the possibility to study online, to work and freely choose the time to study, new study programs and an excellent communication with other students, as well as with teachers and the management departments

The acquired knowledge during the FUNIBER master were primary important for my discoveries, since the research and studies gave me knowledges which helped me to learn more about the history of the planet and human being in that context.

In addition to widen your knowledge, you have the opportunity to know experiences from other countries in the context of environmental management and audit. Contents are the expected for a Master, subjects are clear and treated in a very interesting and useful way.

I found the experience in the program challenging, interesting and unique. It was a great experience to share the “virtual classroom” with students from different parts of the world. For example, I studied in a chat group with a tutor from Spain and students from Chile, Argentina and Mexico. Most of the classmates in the virtual platform were native Spanish speakers and also working teachers, so it allowed me to exchange experiences with people that do the same activity in different scenarios.

Verónica Amador

Doctorate in Education

Puerto Rico

Forums and tutorials that are part of FUNIBER’s online training allow to solve doubts even without asking. Communications with teachers are answered very fast. There is no pressure for the study schedule, neither with the exams. In addition, teachers are not only educators, but also collaborates with the learning. They are like a spread family, polite and sensitive.

Eyleen Heleen Montero Romero

Master in Biological-Naturopathic Studies


It has been an awesome experience to share with Latinamerican brothers, as well as with Spanish professors, specialists in the field. There is no doubt that FUNIBER has been fundamental in a globalized system on a competitiveness level.

Natasha Bella Fuentes

Master in Bioethics


FUNIBER scholarship has allowed me to take my medicine career ahead because of the schedule flexibility and disponibility, along with my family.