Organs Government

The structure of FUNIBER made use of the new Technology and Information Paradigms as regards its morphology, flexibility of the organization and symbiosis of the private and public sectors.

In each country FUNIBER associates to one or more Universities that share its same mission and vision. They write the contents and impart courses. In consequence, the students are not FUNIBER’s students, but of the correspondent University, allowing, in the most cases to also obtain the Diploma of other participating Universities in the Academic Program.

The President Council is responsible for the planning, quality level, orientation, development, and supervision of the academic activities developed by FUNIBER. It is composed of academic authorities, and professionals of high quality and experience.

The Academic Council is the follow up and executive organ of the academic activity of the Foundation. It is composed of FUNIBER’s country and education areas directors. It counts with advisors that are college professors or professional experts with recognized prestige in the different activity fields of FUNIBER.

It must be highlighted in each knowledge area the Area Director, who assumes coordination and global management of all educative resources, such as human and technological to guarantee the upgrade execution, and quality of the academic programs.

In each country, FUNIBER has a Country Director, who assumes the representation of the Foundation and who identifies with the national surrounding.