Training Scholarships FUNIBER

The Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER) along with its history has been accomplishing its Mission and Social Responsibility that help a lot of people to access educational programs trough the FUNIBER FORMATION SCHOLARSHIPS. These scholarships are granted for studies in any of the educational programs sponsored by FUNIBER.

After 10 years of giving the FUNIBER FORMATION SCHOLARSHIPS, the mobilized capital from FUNIBER to the society has a volume of such magnitude that, in some countries, has become to be an important active for society and a mandatory referral in the moment of analyzing the growth of the enabled personal in those countries.

The FUNIBER FORMATION SCHOLARSHIPS correspond to an important economic item in the FUNIBER operations. Annually in every country the amount of this item is reviewed with the objective of reaching to a bigger sector of the population. The growth of this scholarship, from one year to another, is 15%.

The FUNIBER FORMATION SCHOLARSHIPS can be requested in any FUNIBER office or through our form, completing all the requested data.

An Evaluation Committee will examine the competitiveness of each candidature in the matter of the given record, academic and professional dossier, personal and family economic incomes and the socio-family conditions. The Evaluation Committee will assign a scholarship amount according to each particular case.

Scholarship Programs, in order to guarantee access to good quality education for a greater number of persons.

Excellence Award Program, granted to institutions of organizations that for its impact in the economic, cultural and social growth and development of the countries, want to empower its human resources, giving its members possibilities of study that help improve their work.

All those students that are going to study a degree or master’s degree at the European University of the Atlantic, and need to stay in the university residence, will be able to request a scholarship. Thanks to this initiative, the student may be granted an economic exemption to cover for the costs of living in Santander, at the same time that this economic aid makes it easy for the student to reside in the modern facilities of the university residence, which is located next to the Campus. For further information, contact the FUNIBER headquarters in your country.