Engineering, Aeronautics



The author’s aim has been to initiate the beginner in the knowledge of aeronautics and at the same time to be an aid in the training of pilots, flight instructors and students. Flying a plane is done with the heart, by feeling responses through the controls, as if they were an extension of the pilot’s limbs. The job of flying becomes an art, a heady mix between the view of the landscape from the air and the ability to pilot a machine so complicated and so simple at the same time.

Antonio Creus Sole. Doctor in Industrial Engineering, with Degrees in Medicine and Surgery, private airplane pilot for 45 years and scuba diver with a 3 Star Degree. -384 pages - Ediciones Díaz de Santos - FUNIBER Editions - ISBN: 978-84-7978-937-4 - Year2010 1st ed.

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