Calculation of Body Composition by anthropometry

Kineanthropometrics is the science of measuring body composition, proportionality and an individual's somatotype. In this publication, other measurement methods are explained along with the corresponding advantages and disadvantages regarding the anthropometric system.

This science is an important leap forward in the assessment of body composition, nutrition and medicine using a simple, affordable, safe and inexpensive technique. The results have been applied in sports medicine to improve sport performance.

In this book we explain the methodology and guidelines that must be followed to perform the anthropometric measurements according to international standards, illustrating through drawings the anatomical points and the positions required to carry out these measurements according to current protocols. Formulas are presented that correspond to the different population groups (children, adults, elderly, athletes, etc.). We also analyze and study the calculation of the somatotype and proportionality in the human body.

Importance is placed on these factors in maintaining good health, following diets and achieving goals in a sports training program allows for optimal parameters in bodily components in order to achieve maximum performance in a specific sport.