Exploratory study of the antifouling potential in the formulated systems exposed to coastal environment (2016-2017)

FUNIBER, through the Center for Innovation and Technology of Campeche (CITTECAM), participates in the ANTIFOULING project.

The project's objective is to conduct an exploratory study of the antifouling’s potential in the formulated systems exposed to coastal environment.

In the project’s course, a series of activities will be done, from the establishment of the area and exposition of the formulated systems and artificial surfaces (test tube), the analysis of microfouling that is divided into the biochemical profile characterization, the colorimetric characterization, and the electron microcopy screening characterization.

The CITTECAM, a technological center created by FUNIBER and the International Iberoamerican University (UNINI Mexico) will check every determination, be the microfouling or the obtained data, which will be processed in qualitative statistical analysis to determine the best antifouling system.

The project leans on the participation of COMEX, an enterprise whose mission is to provide protection and beautification solutions to thousands of homes and large buildings at a national and international level.

The project is developed throughout 2016-2017.