Pilot computer system project NUTRIBER: training tool for nutritionists (Spain)

The Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER) has created a professional software of diets calculation under the management of PhDs D. José Mataix Verdú and D. Luis García Diz. It is designed for and aimed at health care professionals that develop and/or nutritionally advise to the healthy population or people with a pathology in particular.

Today, the role of food and nutrition in society is acquiring the importance it has always deserved. This implies a growing daily interest on the part of the population of knowing the basics of a balanced diet.

Through NUTRIBER, it is placed at the disposal of the professionals a tool that facilitates and streamlines the customization of the diets, as well as the management of their patients. In the market there are different programs of this type, NUTRIBER presents distinguishing characteristics: patterns of growth, of sexual maturation, as well as assessment tools, creating and customizing professional diets.

Project developed by IDPISA as manager and FUNIBER as a customer and co-developer.