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Hotel Management

Progress in Business Administration and Management has caused major changes in the various facets of business. Such changes affect both general administration strategies as well as specific operations, and have led to the redefinition of the job of management.

Organizations are increasingly abandoning the forms of management aimed at optimizing functions in favor of a systemic and integrated approach that provides improved system operations at a minimum cost. In this context, concepts such as marketing, logistics, quality, customer service, etc. form part of this new business culture in general, and more specifically hotel management.

Hotel Management must be developed according to a quality model, within a constant improvement process aimed at customer satisfaction. In this regard, the client is no longer a target of advertising campaigns and marketing, but is a source of strategic information about the quality of the product and service.

These changes have produced a more rigorous aspect of management, with a more complete and accurate methodological tool set for managing businesses. Similarly, all aspects of management have gained more prominence due to the importance of human resources in the development of projects.

Moreover, the increasing need to create companies and, of course, to lead them, keeping in mind the constant technical and scientific developments, has led many professionals to create their own businesses or to take charge without experience or sufficient knowledge.

The Specialization in Hotel Management explores these issues, that today are the reasons that have motivated the response of tourism agents, with emphasis on seven interrelated key issues:

  1. Administration and business management.
  2. Strategic management of human resources.
  3. Quality management in tourism businesses and destinations.
  4. Management techniques and organizational leadership.
  5. Integration of business management systems.
  6. Hotel Business Management.
  7. Food and Drinks Management.