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entrenador entrenamiento deportivo

A comprehensive and specific training addressed to all those professionals who are involved in issues of sports, has become an important demand. Especially when sport-planning has a relevant weight in both professionals and amateur athletes.

There is no component of the training that by itself, is more important than the other. The optimal result arises when different multidisciplinary concepts come together to create a set that optimizes performance.

Training should be considered an organized, long-term process, whose objective is the development of the individual’s skills and its preservation over time. It is more important to train adequately than devote too much time to it.

The Sports Trainer/Training program aims to educate on the values and attitudes with regard to sport, which maximize its knowledge and the course development in order to obtain the best possible results. In this way, the Sports Trainer/Training Program provides the necessary knowledge to assimilate the most important aspects in a good sports plan