Masters Degree in Physical Activity and Health

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actividad fisica salud

Physical activity, both at the Professional and amateur level is becoming increasingly important because of the health benefits to those who practice it. It is important, however, that this should be properly planned and developed to get the best results.

It is important for the professionals involved in issues of sport to have the necessary knowledge to ensure that its practice is adapted to each person, taking into account and mastering the aspects related to it, as is the adequate nutrition and the athlete’s psychological well-being.

The Master's program in Physical Activity and Health is designed for all of those professionals that seek to deepen their knowledge of physical activity and all aspects that relate to its correct planning, implementation and evaluation.

It also aims to educate on a few values and attitudes in sports, which maximize the knowledge and development of the course, in order to obtain the best possible results. To do this, the program provides the necessary knowledge to identify all the factors involved in this discipline.