Occupational Safety

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The Safety at Work Program delves into those aspects that require a planned action of prevention, including the information and training of workers, which leads to a better understanding of both the real extent of the risks arising from work, as to their form of prevention and how best to avoid them.

It is, in short, a way of knowing about the safety conditions of specific sectors, such as the management of gases and pressure vessels, machine safety principles, welding techniques, laboratory work, electrical hazards, and hazardous waste management operations, among others.

In this context, current legislation is a key instrument from a safety point of view, that determines the inspections and tests that intend to keep facilities, during their lifetime, in the proper safety conditions as they were initially conceived.

The distance education program presented here responds to the new demands for this area, providing criteria, rigor and, above all, common sense, when it comes to education for health and safety policies in an organization.