Master in Design, Operation and Project Management

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Program Presentation

Project Design, Management and Administration

Progress in science and engineering has led to significant changes in various aspects of project management and implementation.

These changes have produced more rigorous managerial design, with more complete and accurate methodological tools. Similarly, all aspects of management have gained more prominence due to the importance of the participation of human resources in project development . Given the number of failed projects, there is a pressing need to consolidate and increase the quality at the design stage, as well as to understand the creative and cognitive process of understanding and formulating the foundations of a project. This requires proper knowledge of management and direction.

The Master program in Design, Operation and Project Administration (MDOPA) connects these 3 elements in order to form project specialists, with the ability, skill and knowledge of:

  • Project Design;
  • Managing the project from initiation to post-mortem reflection; and,
  • Directing all individual and collective human efforts toward the project’s purpose and the interests of those affected.