Ceramic Science and Technology

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tecnologia y ciencia ceramica

Since ancient times, ceramics has been a technique that has served mankind to improve their quality of life. Today, we can say that ceramics is involved in three major aspects:

  • The manufacture of ceramic products.
  • The environmental impact of the ceramic industry.
  • Ceramics as a tool for waste recycling.

In this context, the Ceramics Science and Technology Program is ambitious, because it is focused on obtaining ceramic products from every perspective that needs to be known and valued. From the point of view of basic science, the nature of raw materials is looked at, but the technological component always takes precedence.

The program follows the logical sequence of a ceramic production plant. After an introductory section, a series of seven subjects from ceramic technology itself are given. Subsequently, there are two courses that focus on types of ovens, cooking utensils, fuel and saving energy. In addition, two more courses are offered regarding properties, norms, placement and pathology of ceramic materials.

Finally, one last subject is devoted to the role of ceramics in the recycling of waste and the environmental impact of the ceramic industry. The recommended bibliography is included at the end of each course.The purpose of this multidisciplinary course is to present the experiences of a technician who has spent much of his professional life between the factory, research and teaching about ceramics. Therefore, the program is based on a system that places emphasis on the technological element without compromising scientific rigor. To this end, each course is reviewed by a top technical or scientific professional.