Software Technological Infrastructure

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Program Presentation

Software Technology Infrastructure

The importance of technology infrastructure will always be the basis that defines the life of any system. In the field of Computer Science or Information Systems, the decision on infrastructure is important, as it will limit or enhance the growth and development of an organization.

1.1. Importance of graduate training in value-added technologies

Understanding technologies these days cannot be limited to a simple technical mastery; it requires a reflection on its potential and impact that occurs in computer systems; the relations between components of software and hardware. A lack of mastery can barely create a robust hardware / software architecture that can render large numbers of systems obsolete in a short time or leave organizations tied to systems difficult to maintain.

The Software Technology Infrastructure Program helps to understand the various technological components used in software technology infrastructures in order to master its design and implementation.

1.2. Central concepts of the program: technological infrastructure and software

The technological infrastructure that is grouped and organized into sets of technological elements that make up a project, can support the operations of an organization or aid an operation. Infrastructure defines the success of how a company measures its sturdiness, quality and sustainability, which translates into increased investment in IT. It is therefore crucial to know all components or elements concerning software and hardware. A strong infrastructure allows software to operate efficiently and effectively for the specified time with high levels of service and performance.

The software is the newest asset of organizations whose value is given by the importance of their use, efficiency, and data processing capacity to facilitate operations. In this regard, it is very important and relevant that it operates on stable infrastructures to ensure optimal software operations.