Master's Degree in Strategic Management in Information Technology

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Program Presentation

Information Technology

The Innovation in business modern enterprise management and the immanent existence of the internet and the overall society, demands companies, organizations, institutions and everyday activities which are connected to the area of ICTs to provide technological, commercial, financial, and organizational innovations, among many others.

This has led us to nowadays speaking of information companies that have had to go through complex processes of change that have included scanning and virtualizing business processes leading to new forms and ways of working. This trend continues today.

The Master's program in Strategic Management in Information Technology (MSMIT) focuses on developing the concepts and skills to educate people to provide answers and solutions to these companies and their evolution.

Importance of graduate training in Strategic Management and IT

Uniting the broad field of management with the theoretical body and applied knowledge of Business Strategy with an overall vision of society, and a strong component analysis of the role of ICT in the strategic processes of business projects in the new economy, demands proper graduate training to:

  • Give a wide view of the relationship between ICT and society.
  • Give a complete overview of strategic thinking from business planning to the deployment of ICT strategies.
  • Understand the intimate relationship between business processes, organizational systems and ways of working with the world of ICT and the Internet.
  • Provide theoretical knowledge related to ICT tools and the methods of their use, and international experiences with strategic management.
  • Skills to overcome the specific and singular problems of all the activity related to the processes of organizational change resulting from the implementation of the new ICTs.
  • Capacity to address scenarios involving remote teams, disperse knowledge and construction of individual solutions.
  • Position ICT in organizations as agents of added value, triggers for changes, supporters of reform and performers of the new economy.
Central concepts of the program: Strategic Management and IT

Studies in the area of Information Technology are located in the space between Business Administration and Technology Management, with emphasis on creating a vision that unites businesses and technology. On one hand, this allows us to understand when Strategic Management becomes aligned with the new ICTs and, on the other hand, apply Strategic Management to the functions of ICT. In the first case, one can better understand the new forms of corporate management held in the new ICTs.

In the second case, the entrepreneurial vision of ICT is provided when they are considered a strategic resource.