Master in Strategic Telecommunication Management

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Program Presentation

Strategic Management in Telecommunications

The business management developed in a society dominated by new services supported on Information Technology and Telecommunications, demands companies, organizations, institutions and everyday activities connected through telecommunication networks.

The understanding of new developments in the field of Telecommunications will allow the business manager of the XXI century to be able to issue organizational, technological, commercial and financial innovations, to ensure optimal levels of competitiveness for their organizations in the new overall interconnected market.

The Master's program in Strategic Management in Telecommunications (MSMTel), addresses the need for a comprehensive understanding of the various technological possibilities of current and future networks. It provides special attention to the different services that provide network and telecommunications, and the new business opportunities that they offer to businesses. With this vision, the program provides the foundation for business innovation based on sound management and aligning organizational strategies with the strategies of Telecommunications.

Importance of graduate training in Strategic Management and IT

Uniting the broad field of management with the theoretical body and applied knowledge of Business Strategy with an overall vision of society, and a strong analysis of the role of telecommunications in the strategic processes of organizations in the new economy, demands a proper solid graduate training to:

  • Give a broad view of the relationship between society and Telecommunications.
  • Give a complete overview of strategic thinking from business planning through the deployment of Telecommunication strategies.
  • Comprehend the intimate relationship between business processes, organizational systems and ways of working with the world of Telecommunications (emphasizing networks and telecommunication services and the Internet).
  • Provide theoretical knowledge about Telecommunications related to tools and methods in use, and international experiences with strategic direction.
  • Skills to overcome the specific and singular problems of all the activities related to the processes of organizational change resulting from the implementation of Telecommunications.
Central concepts of the program: Strategic Management and Telecommunications

While strategic management leads to the understanding of the proper management of a company, and Telecommunications leads to the understanding of potential networks, when joining the first to the second, a space appears where Business Administration with Telecommunication Management coexist. This new space allows two things:

1. Understanding Strategic Management aligned with ICT and Telecommunications. In this case there is a better understanding of the new forms of corporate management that arises due to the presence of network and telecommunication services.

2. Applying Strategic Management in network management and telecommunication services. In this case, we obtain an entrepreneurial view of Telecommunications when they are considered a strategic resource and a base of many new businesses.