Master in Strategic Management in Software Engineering

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Program Presentation

Software Engineering

Business management as studied in the XXI century, that is, within an overall society dominated by technologies that provide new services and new technologies supported by products, demands a different vision on business.

In this context, software engineering plays a role in the value chain of companies, whether it is a "core" process or a "support" process, but never disorganized, with it being an intrinsic part of business strategies. This is the reason why Software engineering should be addressed with a strategic vision that recognizes it as an agent of change in their own organizations and strategies.

In this regard, software engineering demands a different type of leadership, which overcomes the current formal software engineering studies. Therefore, it requires a professional software engineer with the strategic vision that facilitates locating the software development process with their own strategic perspective that requires a strategic process, which they must do with management tools that allows them to know and understand that software engineering is a management process that consist of people and machines.

The Master's program in Strategic Management in Software Engineering (SMSEw) addresses the challenge of training these professionals by addressing their core competencies and the strategic direction of various infrastructures, modeling and the technological management of software engineering itself within a comprehensive and innovative vision of computing in organizations aligned and consistent with the development of a software company, whether they be for production or software use.

Importance of graduate training in Strategic Management and IT

The importance of software engineering requires a strategic process that is attached to the broad field of strategic management with an emphasis on the role of analysis and software engineering processes on strategic business projects. This requires proper graduate training to:

  • Understand the basics of strategic management;
  • Understand the principles of leadership as a source of technology management;
  • Understand the basics of computer infrastructures used in organizations;
  • Understand the basics of information models used by organizations;
  • Understand the management technology tools used in the production of information;
  • Understand the integration of technology, systems and projects in organizations;
  • Understand the intimate relationship between business processes, organizational systems and ways of working with software engineering;
  • Acquire skills to overcome the specific and singular problems of all activity related to processes of organizational change resulting from the implementation of new technologies;
  • Acquire skills to confront scenarios involving teams operating in technological environments.
Central concepts of the program: Strategic Management and Business Software

While strategic management leads to the understanding about the proper management of a company, and software engineering leads to the appropriate development of software, when joining the first to the second, a space is create where Business Administration with Business Management Software coexist. This new space allows two things:

1. Understand Strategic Management aligned with Software Engineering which now operates as a management portfolio for future organizational resources of software. In this case, it is better understood as the new forms of corporate management supported by software development.

2. Apply Strategic Management in the function of the direction of a Software Engineering unit. In this case, we obtain an entrepreneurial view of Software Engineering as provided when they are considered a strategic resource and subject to business management.