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Program Presentation


The Internet is not an option, it is a business. Today, companies have ventured into novel activity scenarios, bringing with it the emergence of new players to suggest the use of new technologies.

This reality forces us to incorporate modern processes to build or rebuild according to the needs of business elements; it implies discussing innovative business models, and the use of Internet technology applied to business processes, encompassing any traditional "e-Business" process.

Importance of training in the e-Business

The e-Business Information Technology program aims to train skilled professionals to develop a strategy and e-business or electronic business within the company’s strategic positioning in the society of information, displayed in a strategic project that covers marketing function, technology development, legal aspects, organizational change and innovation, knowledge management and organizational learning, among others.

Central concepts: e-Business and New Technologies

E-Business can be interpreted as many things, but in pragmatic terms it can be understood as follows:

  • Integration into its business environment, previously integrated, internal systems that allow companies to respond to increasing personalized demands that come through their external information systems.

Create business opportunities on the Internet, not only buying and selling, but also providing services to customers and collaborating with business partners. For example, being able to sell books, knowing how many books have been sold, and to whom, and also answer questions such as: What books will be bought in the future?