Master in Engineering and Environmental Technology

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tecnologia ambiental

The term Environmental Engineering is synonymous with the relatively new science that is part engineering and which integrates ecological, social, economic and technological issues; therefore having much to do with the concept of sustainable development.

Proposing solutions that contribute to sustainable solutions and the preservation of natural resources to improve the quality of life is the precise objective of Environmental Engineering. However, it is often complicated to combine economic growth with sustainable development, and may even seem contradictory, so it is up to the engineer to develop environmental solutions that contribute to national growth in the context of sustainable development. This implies learning how to diagnose, design, implement, investigate, manage and undertake possible solutions to the needs that arise in society in each area of expertise.

In this context, the Master in Engineering and Environmental Technology reviews different environmental problems produced by industrial activities, from a technical perspective, and proposes the adoption of solutions and best practices taking into account economic and social factors.