Environmental Engineering: Solid Waste Treatment

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residuos solidos

There is a clear correlation between the per capita income of a country and the waste that they produce. The "throwaway" model of Western industrial societies and post-industrial societies has yielded that in nations such as Spain where each inhabitant generates an average of 20 kg of waste per day.

The volume of waste being produced has become one of the most pressing environmental conservation issues.The problem resides in the collection and disposal of solid waste. Today, the solution to waste must focus on establishing channels that include proper treatment in order to preserve the natural environment and human habitat. This comes at a high cost.

From a practical perspective, the Environmental Engineering: Solid Waste Treatment program analyzes the factors that affect the rates of residue that is being produced and proposes sequential solutions that include reduction at the source, reusing and / or recycling techniques, treatment and, as a last recourse, discarding in controlled deposits.