Master in Strategic Management

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direccion estrategica

The Master in Strategic Management (MSM) is an executive programme that seeks to harness all the previous experience of its participants while complementing it with the most up-to-date academic input. The MSM also lays great emphasis on Business Management involving active use of NITCs (New Information and Communication Technologies).

Set in an interactive context within a virtual learning environment, the Programme's educational methodology is based on a pedagogical approach including the acquisition of theoretical principles, and the analysis and discussion of practical case studies.

On successful completion of the Master in Strategic Management, the award holder will be able to:

  • Understand the strategic process of organizational management.
  • Take on responsibilities within the process of strategic management and fulfill them in a competent fashion.
  • Generate proposals that integrate both globalised and local processes into the management of a business.
  • Master NICTs (New Information and Communication Technologies) in the field of business management.
  • Foster individual leadership skills within a teamwork context with a view to optimising business strategies.