Master in Strategic Management of Family Businesses

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direccion estrategica, empresas familiares

The Master in Strategic Management of Family Businesses is a program that covers the basic concepts related to the management and administration of family businesses, as well as the different processes and tools that are useful for the effective handling of these companies.

Through the pedagogical articulation of the theoretical fundaments and the discussion of case studies, within a space of interaction encouraged by professors and the use of a Virtual Campus, a person culminating a Master in Strategic Management of Family Businesses will be qualified to:

  • Develop the roles of Managing a Family Business applying the skills learned in the course.
  • Understand the particularities of family businesses and manage the relationship between Company - Family - Property.
  • Propose ideas and solutions to the problems presented in family businesses, achieving its sustainability thereof.
  • Understand and use the latest tools in the field of family business management.
  • Understand and develop the necessary leadership skills for the management of family businesses.
  • Understand other general aspects for the comprehensive management of the family business such as the management of the environment, quality and business projects.