Master in International Law and Business

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Derecho y Negocios Internacionales

The Master in International Law and Business (MILB) is a program that responds to the changing panoramic of international business and commerce. The new economic tendencies, the mass consumption and the new technologies have opened unprecedented doors for the realization of commercial transactions. From this relation range, a series of impositions that require specialized legal attention are derived. The legal scientific doctrine and the legislation do not walk at the same rhythm as international commerce, and as we all know, there is no obligatory international commercial right to apply for these relationships. Based on all of this, the international law and business program seeks to combine in a practical way the different legal institutions to carry out a systemic and ordered approximation towards the legal framework of international businesses.

Understanding that international law and business by nature is a composed and interdisciplinary science, the Master’s program seeks to unify all the necessary legal disciplines into one academic proposal to enable a lawyer to professionalize in the subject.