International Master in Auditing and Business Management

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The International Master in Auditing and Business Management (henceforth referred to as DDMIAGE) will acquaint the student with the fundamental principles of business management, accounting, financial statement analysis, and auditing. This knowledge is indispensable for any professional operating in 21st-century working environments, and will be complemented by a variety of topics that will allow the student to gain an overview of the modern-day business entity and master the statistical and mathematical tools that are a prerequisite for performing successfully in this area.

Set in an interactive context within a virtual learning environment, the educational methodology followed by the Programme is based on a pedagogical approach favouring both the acquisition of theoretical principles, and the analysis and discussion of practical case studies.

On successful completion of the International Master in Auditing and Business Management, the award holder will be able to:

  • Propose, design and implement auditing procedures in line with corporate necessities, ranging from the appraisal of internal control systems to the production of audit reports.
  • Become familiar with, master and apply the appropriate techniques for auditing the different areas within a company.
  • Draw up, understand and interpret the financial statements generated from corporate accounting data.
  • Master the techniques, instruments and tools that guarantee success within the process of economic and financial analysis.
  • Manage organisations from an integral and quality perspective. A modern approach in compliance with standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18000 is advocated, wherein these standards are regarded as indispensable tools for corporate sustainable management.
  • Develop a battery of investigative skills specific to the corporate scenario (argumentative, interpretative, proactive, multidisciplinary, innovative and ethical), whose aim is to foment theoretical and methodological knowledge, especially in the field of auditing and business management.