Administrative Abilities

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habilidades directivas

In this program, the fundamental concepts related to directing are integrated in the frame of the organizations and the different techniques and tools that could be useful for an efficient administration of people in organizations.

The importance of human administration in any area of expertise is important since all of them contribute to the creation of values, sustained competitiveness and permanent changes for which it is necessary for the participants in the business project to adapt in a flexible manner in short periods of time.

Without administrators, it would be impossible to accomplish the business objectives; thus, it is necessary for the professionals involved in business management to acquire an integral view of the aspects that most determine the administration of people and organizations and to dominate the instruments, operational techniques and abilities of each area. All this effort would be impossible if the need for the advantages of an ethical and coherent commitment for the presentation of an efficient and professional service is not discovered.

With training programs of this nature and through the pedagogical articulation of theoretical fundamentals and practical cases, the participant will be prepared to use the tools, knowledge, techniques and fundamental procedures in the administration of work teams and organizations.