Master in Project Development of Products and Innovation

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Program Presentation

Development of Products and Innovation

The prominent growth of the importance of projects, has led to studying the topic from different approaches.

Of all the existing approaches, two are worth mentioning as the most current and complex in an academic context: Innovation and Products.

For a complete approach emphasis is placed on the concept of Innovation as directly related to Design, in the sense that the responsibility of Design implies precisely; Innovation in order to contribute to finding full or partial "unique" solutions.

The Master in Project Development of Products and Innovation, offers complete training in the three areas related to projects: Design, Management and Administration, in parallel and through theoretical and practical means. The areas are cross-referenced exclusively to two concepts already established in the areas of Management: Product and Innovation, as well as a third now also considered as part of management: namely, Design and its profitability.

It is also important to note the recognized growth of the areas and creative practices in the overall standards of Management, establishing a precise balance between planning (anticipation) and design (providing immediate creative solutions).

While one might believe that the rigid perspective and methodological areas of Management and Administration are unable to coexist with the creative and artistic aspects of Design; this is surely not the case. They can coexist.

The creative Design areas require more than any other, a methodological process for project development, management and the administration of resources and skills, articulated by the hard areas of Management that they need.

The Master in Project Development of Products and Innovation has a combined academic structure that ranges from theoretical topics and practical exercises through individual and group exercises, and workshops for reflecting on project design processes.

This then permits the proper structuring of a creator and designer’s work, providing training in the uses of current management tools, without creating conflict with the creative process.

At the same time, students train in methodological processes with other creative professionals involved in a project’s development.

Finally, it is important to note that the overlap of the two main topics: Innovation and Product, with the three categories of a Project, and the combination of the immediate application of theory and practice, provides a complete training program that will allow design professionals to earn a space in project decisions, rather than participating as a mere spectator in the development process.