Master in Architecture and Urban Planning

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Architecture and Urbanism


Professional development for executives in nearly all disciplines must include the topic of Projects, as everyone is involved in the development and implementation of a project, in one or another leading roles.

Together, the areas of Architecture and Urban Planning are, without a doubt, the areas that have advanced the furthest in recent history, both in development and in application. This is why there is a need to create a program that meets current professional requirements, specializing in Urban-Architectural projects.

Therefore, the Master in Project Development of Architecture and Urban Planning is innovative in its structure, since it not only runs parallel to the three classical categories of projects; Design, Management and Administration, but it also crosses the five topics relevant to the area:

  • Theory and Analysis of Architecture and Urban Planning.
  • Methodological development of projects.
  • Project implementation and management.
  • Technologies applied to Architecture and Urban Planning projects.
  • The Environment in Architecture and Urban Planning projects.

This structure permits highly specialized training taking into account all of the required approaches in order to perform at a professional level in the private sector and/or in government agencies.Finally, it is important to note that the overlap of the five topics previously mentioned, with the three categories of Projects, along with the combination of theory and practice with immediate application, form a training program that is focused on strengthening necessary capacities, skills and knowledge. Graduates will be able to:

  • Design a Project;
  • Manage a project from the start to post-mortem reflection;
  • And, Direct all individual, collective, and technical human resources to fulfill a project’s purpose as well as the interests of those involved.