Program Presentation

Phytotherapy is the study of the therapeutic value of the active components contained in plants,and its use in the treatment of diseases.

The active ingredients have been studied and extracted by different methods. For a common plant to have medicinal property, certain rules of collection, drying, storage and finally the final presentation in teas, extracts, capsules, etc., should be followed.

This program and corresponding practical examples place special emphasis on issues that are essential in order to obtain a solid scientific base in the field of Phytotherapy, and intends to provide students with basic knowledge of Phytotherapy.

Who is the programme for?

The proposed methodology underlies a clear and ample curricular design, so that the Phytotherapy program may target professionals who work in health professions or in centers for natural therapies.

The Phytotherapy program is designed for the following individuals:

  • People who do not have a university degree who wish to specialize in this area of knowledge.
  • Healthcare professionals in private companies or industries that wish to consolidate their knowledge to apply it in their workplace.
  • Graduates or degree holders who wish to specialize in phytotherapy in order to improve their job opportunities.


Successful completion of the Program will enable you to be awarded the degree in Experto Universitario en FITOTERAPIA.

After successfully completing the Program, the student will receive the degree as awarded by the University where they have enrolled.

Program Structure

The estimated duration for the completion of the Phytotherapy program is 80 hours (8 credits)1.

With regard to the distribution of time, it is established that:

  • Being a distance-learning program and not subject to classes, there is no specific starting date, by which the student can enroll at any moment, as long as there are available spaces.
  • For academic and learning reasons the Program’s minimum duration is 1 month.
  • The maximum time to complete the program is 3 months. During this time, the student should have completed all of the evaluations corresponding to the subject.

The credit structure of the Phytotherapy is collected in the following table:

Subject 8 3 80
TOTAL 8 3 80

a. The equivalence in credits may vary according to the university that grants the degree
b. Length in months
1. The equivalence in credits may vary according to the university that grants the degree


General objectives:

  • To provide advanced knowledge in the area of Phytotherapy to graduates and degree holders in Nutrition and/or in the Health Sciences

Specific objectives:

  • To learn about the latest developments and international research in Phytotherapy.
  • To provide a theoretical and practical training in natural therapies with medicinal plants.
  • To provide a brief history of the evolution of phytotherapy.
  • To share experiences and professional and personal expertise in the field through the use of the Virtual Campus.

Career Opportunities

Some of the employment opportunities for the Phytotherapy program are the following:

  • Doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, dieticians, naturopaths and other health professionals in the practice of their profession as a complement to their training and an aid for the realization of their daily work.
  • Teaching in programs of formal and non-formal learning, health personnel, catering personnel..., consumer information centers, associations of chronically ill patients, schools, civic centers, sports centers, etc.
  • Employment in the catering business: schools, catering, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, geriatrics, etc.
  • Technical Adviser in search engine programs, information and promotion of products to ensure the link between marketing, technology, and research and development.
  • Related job position in specialized shops of dietary products.
  • Related job position in food or pharmaceutical companies with a line of products with specific nutritional characteristics.

Note: Professional practice is subject to each country’s legislations.

Study Plan

The Phytotherapy program is comprised of one subject.

The subject’s objective is for the student to acquire an overall idea of Phytotherapy, including pertinent legislation, different forms of preparing the principal medicines contained in plants and their applications.


Academic Administration

  • Dr. Ricardo Almeida. Doctor in Education by the Iberoamerican International University. Master in Biological-Naturalistic Studies and Homeopathy from the University of León. Degree in Nursing.

General Academic Coordination

  • Dr. (c) Sandra Jarrín International Coordinator.

Teaching staff and Authors

  • Dr. Ricardo Almeida. Doctor in Education by the Iberoamerican International University. Master in Biological-Naturalistic Studies and Homeopathy from the University of León. Degree in Nursing.
  • Dr. (c) Sandra Jarrín. Doctoral candidate in Education by the International Iberoamerican University. Master in Biological-Naturalistic Studies by the University of Leon. Professor at the International Iberoamerican University.
  • M. María Rafaela Rosas Morales. Master in Administration and Management of Agro-food Companies, Degree in Pharmacy, and in Food Science and Technology from the University of Barcelona.
  • M. Silvia Fanlo Alegre. Master in Pharmaceutical and Parapharmaceutical Industry from the Center for Higher Studies in the Pharmaceutical Industry (CESIF) Quality Control Documentation Team Leader in Farmaprojects

FUNIBER Training Scholarships

The Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER) allocates periodically an extraordinary economic item for FUNIBER Training Scholarships.

To apply, please fill out the information request form that appears in the web of FUNIBER or contact directly the Foundation’s headquarters in your country that will inform you if you need to provide some additional information.

Once the documentation is received, the Evaluation Committee will determine your application's eligibility for the FUNIBER Training Scholarship.