Health Management

Program Presentation

Healthcare systems have gradually evolved, becoming increasingly complex structures that require people who are capable of efficiently managing the organizations that comprise them.

Healthcare Management integrates the concepts related to the management of Healthcare organizations and how to make sound decisions with a strategic vision in order to deliver quality services to its consumers.

Who is the programme for?

The proposed methodology along with the clarity and diversity of the curriculum of the Specialization of Healthcare Management program is designed for professionals interested in working within the administrative and managerial areas of any health establishment, be it public or private.


The successful completion of the Program will allow the student to obtain the degree of Specialization of HEALTH MANAGEMENT, issued by the University where he or she has registered.

Program Structure

The estimated length for the Healthcare Management program takes 550 hours (55 credits)a.

With regards to the distribution of time, it is established that:

  • Being an online program and not being subject to traditional class attendance, there is no established initial date so that students may enroll at any time subject to available spaces.
  • For academic reasons the program has a minimum duration of six months.
  • The maximum time available for the program is one year. During this time, the student must have completed all assignments.

The credit structure of the Healthcare Management program is shown in the following table:

1st Part: Subjects 45 9 450
2nd Part: Final Project 10 3 100
TOTAL 55 12 550

a. The equivalent value of credits can differ according to the university that grants the degree 
b. Length in months


General Objectives:

  • To understand and apply the concepts related to the management of Healthcare organizations make decisions based on a strategic vision in order to offer quality services for its consumers.

Specific Objectives:

  • To understand the strategic process of organizational management.
  • To learn to design the conceptual and methodological framework for human resource management by understanding the staff’s importance in reaching goals.
  • To understand the macroeconomic factors that influence health.
  • To apply the fundamentals of Healthcare organizations management and leadership in general terms.
  • To master the most relevant aspects that conceptually shape the financial management of any Healthcare organization.
  • To apply the key concepts in health marketing, to understand the consumer and to reach them with greater ease
  • To master the essential issues of control and management of costs by highlighting the most important concepts that configure the financial management of any Healthcare organization.
  • To improve the quality of health services by placing importance on patients in the processes.
  • To learn to perform the diagnosis of a Healthcare system realizing the importance and implications of primary Healthcare.

Career Opportunities

The Specialization in Healthcare Management capacitates the student to assume responsibility for the management of hospitals, centers of primary care, public or private socio-health centers and NGO. It can also contribute to their abilities as a researcher or professor.

Study Plan

The Specialization in Healthcare Management program is composed of 12 subjects and a Final Project

  • 1st Part: Subjects (450 hours)

The course provides instruction on Healthcare management, from its theoretical foundations to its practical implementation.

The objective is to acquire a complete, integral and holistic view of Healthcare management.

The corresponding subjects and hours of the program are shown in the following table:

1st Part: Subjects
1 Strategic Management of Human Resources 40
2 Performance Evaluation and Management by Competence 30
3 Business Management and Administration 40
4 Economics 50
5 Management and Cost Control 30
6 Financial Management 40
7 Healthcare Planning 40
8 Healthcare Services Management 30
9 Marketing 30
10 Assistance Quality and Patient Security 40
11 Project Management and Planning 40
12 Health Systems 40
  TOTAL 450

These subjects, are independent of one another, yet are self-contained and are structured according to a coherent teaching sequence. Each is divided into thematic units or chapter, whose content includes printed material that should be studied to satisfactorily respond to the various assessments.

1 Final Specialization Project 100

In the case of the Specialization, Post-Graduate or Expert-Graduate negrees, the last phase of the program includes writing a Final Project.


Academic Administration

  • Dr. Maurizio Antonio Battino.
    Biochemist researcher and professor at the School of Specialization in Food Science. Professor at the Polytechnic University of Marche. Scientific Director in the European University of the Atlantic.
  • Dra. Silvia Aparicio. 
    Doctora en Ciencias Económicas por la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid y Licenciada en Administración y Dirección de Empresas por la Universidad de Cantabria. Directora Académica Internacional del Área de Desarrollo Directivo, Organización Empresarial y Recursos Humanos de la Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana, FUNIBER.

General Academic Coordination

  • Dr. Irma Domínguez Azpíroz 
    International Coordinator in the Area of Health.
  • Dr. (c) Carmen Lilí Rodríguez Velasco 
    International Coordinator in the Area of Business Organization, Administrative Development and HR.

Program Coordination

  • Dr. (c) Vivian Lipari Zegarra 
    Doctoral candidate. Master in Public Health from the University of Chile and Mg (c) of Health Services Management from the University of Federico Villarreal Peru.

Teaching staff and Authors

  • Dr. David Barrera Gómez. Doctor Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and has an MBA from the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona, UPC. Consultant of business, technology and business solutions. Professor at the Ibero-american International University.
  • Dr. Roberto M. Alvarez. Doctor in Project Engineering, from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain. Master in Project Management and Design, by the Polytechnic of Milan, Italy. Professor at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Professor at the Ibero-american International University.
  • Dr. Francisco J. Hidalgo Trujillo. Doctor in Project Engineering: Environment, Safety, Quality, and Communication, from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Advisor and consultant to organizations. Process Analyst and strategic business development.
  • Dr. Manuel Maeda Takeuchi. Professor of Engineering and Business Administration, University of Piura, Peru. Managerial Experience in administration, corporation projects, operations management and administration and finance.
  • Dr. Cristina Hidalgo González. Doctorate in QC. Business from the University of León. Professor at the Department of Applied Economics at the University of León.
  • Dr. (c) Saúl Domingo Soriano. Doctoral candidate at the University of León. Master in General Direction of companies by the Catalan Institute of Technology of Barcelona. Master in e-business Consulting and Information Technology from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. Director of Final Projects in the Master and Specializations, FUNIBER.
  • Dr. (c) Vivian Lipari Zegarra. Doctoral candidate. Master in Public Health from the University of Chile and Mg (c) of Health Services Management from the University of Federico Villarreal Peru.
  • Dr. (c) Carmen Lilí Rodríguez Velasco. Doctor in Education, by the Ibero-american International University (in process). Master's degree in occupational psychology and Organizational by the University of Havana, Cuba. Academic Coordinator of the International Management Development Area, Business Organization and Human Resources, FUNIBER.
  • Dr. (c) Diana Patricia Cortés Díaz. Doctor in Projects, by the Ibero-american International University (in process of completion). Master's Degree in Human Resources and Knowledge Management at the University of León, Spain. Consulting firm specializing in Labor Law and Social Security. Program Coordinator and Professor at FUNIBER.
  • Dr. (c) Ana Godoy Magdaleno. Doctorate in Psychology from the University of the Basque Country (in process of completion). Diploma in Advanced Studies from the University of the Basque Country. Expertise in Mediation: fields of action and techniques applied to the resolution of conflicts, from the Complutense University of Madrid. Academic Coordinator of the Master Program in Conflict Resolution and Mediation and their specializations.
  • Mg. Lucía Odette Castillo. Master in Administration and Human Resources Management (USACH). Head Nurse of the Clinical Hospital at the University of Chile.
  • Mg. Tania Herrera Martinez. Master of Business at the University Queensland (Australia). Magister in Management for Globalization from the University of Chile and a Master in Public Health from the University of Chile. Degree in Medicine by the University of Chile.
  • Mg. CD. Lucia Vassallo Gjurinovic. Magister in the Management of Health Services. Internal Auditor in Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2008. University Evaluation specialist (National Assembly of Rectors). Clinical Supervisor specializing in Dentistry - Faculty of Dentistry - University of San Martin de Porres. Peru.
  • MD. Juan Manuel Diminich Paredes. Medical Audit Specialist (RNA in transit). Lead Auditor ISO 9001: 2008. Member of the Peruvian Society of Medical Auditing. Superintendent of Occupational Health -Chinalco Mining, Peru.

FUNIBER Training Scholarships

The Ibero-american University Foundation (FUNIBER) periodically delivers an economic baseline with extraordinary character for FUNIBER scholarships.

To apply for it, you only need to send your application for a scholarship on the website’s main page with the required data, and the evaluation committee will examine the suitability of your candidature to be granted economic aid, in the form of a FUNIBER scholarship.